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... and when it all goes to hell, will you be able to tell?

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March 30th, 2005

11:01 pm - today
today was pretty fun actualey. When i woke up i went straight to drews for a few hours and then went to stalefish to visit kyle and hung out there and went skating. dont feel like filling in the details though so yeah.
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: break me down- apulanta

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January 5th, 2005

05:57 pm - snow day? well no day
does that subject make any sense?

Well today is not worth posting except for one small detail.
So we were in la reading right?( im going to assume your saying right also)
And we hear this huuuge gust of wind so this kid Tony points it out and then yells " AHHHH THERES A MAN OUT THERE WITH AN AXE" so this other kid named Tony says " thats a shovel you idiot" so it was like the custodian or something

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04:58 pm - ?
if you actualey read this then please comment on it saying
hey i read your journal and then sign it with your name

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January 4th, 2005

09:50 pm - Having green hair is nor a blessing or a burden but an attention grabber
My hair got greener today i think. I noticed it when i woke up at around 8:05 which sucked cause i basicaley had to run out the door to catch the bus. This kid whos sponsered came back and he was in my gym class, which for once sucked cause i couldn't hit the ball once. I never thought that i would actualey like being in first period gym but i guess I'm friends with a bunch of people in it. Art was not great either, I couldn't find the pencil i hid so i had to borrow Ryans. My sea dragon kicked ass....
OH SHIT I HAVENT DONE MATH YET!!! I'll finish this later

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January 3rd, 2005

09:41 pm - f1r$7 dAi bAc|
Today started off well. As usual i woke up late and didn't eat breakfast. Does anyone actualey have breakfast its not filling enough to be a meal. So my mom decided to drive me so i wouldn't be late. I made the bell by a few minutes but it wasn't really worth it with all the "OMFG YOU DIED YOUR HAIR GREEN!!!!!!!!"S'.
I really wish i could get that stuff out sometime soon its really annoying. I walked over to my locker and got my stuff and i saw Jada and a flash went through my head like " Man thats the girl i loved, i wish i was still with her she was soo cool and i don't think theres any other girls out there like her". But then i also remembered she was teh girl that broke my heart so i just kept walking. I made it to gym without any comments err except from Scotty. Emmet was kind of right about calling him that. I mean his real name is Andrew and the name Scotty is getting kind of old even though im the one who made it up. I got dressed kind of fast but i definatly wasn't the first one out there. We had to watch instructiosn for this stupid game pickle ball. Then i almost got out before Peter for a change, but alas he beat me. Tomorrows another day though. Art sucked so in the middle of my vampire moth drawings i just flipped the page over and started drawing this awesome Sea Monster. The day was pretty much like that with a few comments here and there but nothing to bad. So once i made it to the bus i started listening to my mp3 player and a few 8th graders that rarely take the bus took it today, the bus ride was fast too.
Once i got inside I started thinking about how i figured out that i still love Jada so i wrote this really really long two-part im thing, but the thing about it was that i meant every single word of it and shes the only person i've ever felt that way about and i hate myself for breaking up with her plus im too scared to ask her out. So then i ended up just working on some stuff, watching dodgeball, washing out some green and then i started to work on bluetooth but i have to disable the firewalls to get it to connect.
Current Mood: disappointedshitty
Current Music: NFG - My friends over you

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04:59 pm - Letting Go, It'll be alright.... Right?
We used to be friends
We used to laugh together
We used to have fun together You said we'd be friends forever
You said nothing would happen
You said the good times would never stop
But then you got new friends
Then you threw me out
As if I wasn't important anymore
I needed you
I wanted you
I missed you
But now i just don't care anymore
I just could care less
Cause everything is dead
It was fun while it lasted
But it just wasn't meant to be
A friendship that died just then
A lost cause in general

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January 2nd, 2005

03:34 pm - Downtown
Just got back from Downtown. I went with Drew and we met up at stalefish and got a bunch of gumballs and then went around to advertise for stalefish. We walked into the parking garage for a sec and didint even get on our skateboards, not once. So then we got yelled at by the safety commisioner but we didn't do anything we weren't even on our boards. So we said ok cya and left. We walked around and the cops yelled at us and said we didint leave and the guys said we were skating and blah blah and he took down our names and stuff. No big deal except for the fact that we werent skating, left right away, and didn't do a thing.
So then we went to main street pizza cafe just to get something to eat and Emmet and Ben walked in. So we spent like an hour and a half in there and ate. After a while we left and went down to white hen and hung out there till i got picked up.
Not much of a day but it was so unfair cause the cops yelled at us and we didint even do anything.
Current Mood: pissed offpissed at cops
Current Music: Feeling This - Blink 182

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January 1st, 2005

09:05 pm - New Years
Yeah so New Years day... wow. Its been a whole year since last new years day. and two since the last last new years day. and three... well you get the point. So anyways i spent the day by waking up at 12. It was not so bad i mean 10 hours of sleep is natural on a break when you can sleep for as long as you want. But we had pancakes for breakfast and then had to clean. Joez went home and i cleaned the cars. made $15 so its definitely worth it. Prob going to blow the money at Stalefish or put it in investments. Other than those two things i spent the day watching cartoons.
have a day =P

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent with life
Current Music: Box Car Racer - Tiny Voices

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January 17th, 2004

03:37 pm - the first of febRuary aka the first day of the month of febRuary...iunno where im goin with this
1Yeah i had to make my bed this morning because of the cleaning lady coming. Shes really nice so yeah i didn't want to make a mess.

2 I got to the bustop a little early and got on very calm

1 Ok the truth is i have to make it by force

2 I was running after the bus until they let me on

um don't know where im going iwth this eitehr so

Gym wasn't too bad except for the fact that i had to play with faggots like wood and hussain and they are really bad and kept hogging the ball so the second i did get it they would mess me up so they kept saying " can we trade" and im like god i just wanna smack these dumbasses.
Later on that day during art we got clay and drew was sitting at our table. In the dells he said he went swimming, no other comments about it except it was cold. We also had a bus evac. SOooo pointless, after me and ryan started walking to the wrong room and mr b's like uhh where are you guys going so me and ryan both say i told you so. During LA we went into the computer lab and i kept messing with tim's paper; His documents file too =P.
I was really hungry and so i was going to dream about food the whole time during homebase but i remembered i diidnt do math cause i was confused and then i had to do it again and i screwed up on it and did everything wrong and i know exactly what i did so its ok. I think i failed the math quiz we had though =(. World Cultures(sp?) wasn't great for there was another test to be taken. Tottally got a c i believe. Science wasn't bad i sort of fell asleep during that because i finished the pages and i was thinking about how jada said i was a jerk and so i was thinking about getting her a present to cheer her up and then i was thinking about getting a blank at stalefish and painting " im sorry jada" on it. Then i remembered I had no money so there goes that idea. Mabye ill sew her something. ( yes so, real men sew). Anyways then i guess Mr. O Started reading Nathans paper aloud and knew he plagerized(sp?)and then ryan and me put our desks today and totally became our own table, the oaster definately didn't like that one. ... ill finish this later i gotta go to ortho...

ok just got back from ortho. Totally got some awesome plad shirts and jeans from kohls. and then we went to brurger kind man i kick ass
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic, bitches
Current Music: The Patron Saint of Liers and Theifs - Fall out Boy

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